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The Kill Shot Is Coming! Leaked Document Shows Chinese Intent to Commit --


Biden has given his State of the Union Speech. It was fanciful, disorganized, filled with falsehoods and offered no way out America's descent into mediocrity in pursuit of third world status. 

Shouldn't America find it interesting that in the State of the Union speech (Sotus), he did not mention China or the Chinese threat even one time. After all, we have 60% of our naval assets committed to the China's side of the world and yet, Biden did not see fit to mention China. Should the president be obligated to at least mention that constitutes the primary funding for the Biden crime syndicate. 

Since the last SOTUS, China, with the help of gain-of-function-wizard, Anthony Fauci and his Wuhan CHICOM allies launched the Wuhan virus (ie the Coronavirus) which led to wholesale election changes that, in turn, led to the election of a demented President who does not even know what day it is. 

It is understandable that most of the world's attention is Ukraine. However, on a daily basis, China keeps violating and probing Taiwan's air defense to test their response time in preparation for an invasion.