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The Truth About Crime in Walmart Parking Lots

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Walmart parking lots have served as temporary campsites for RVers for decades. The free overnight parking has saved many an RVer who couldn't find a spot at a nearby campground or just needed a place to rest on a long journey.

I'd be willing to bet that most avid RVers have stayed in a Walmart parking lot at least once. The convenience really comes in handy at times.

But are those quick and easy overnight stays turning into nights you need to sleep with one eye open? Is crime in Walmart parking lots increasing? Is a free night worth the risk of being attacked or robbed? That's what everyone's been asking.

Do All Walmarts Allow Overnight Parking?

No, not all Walmarts (or their city ordinances) allow overnight parking, but the majority do. That majority may decline, though, if problems continue to increase.

Walmart's overnight parking policy is left to the discretion of each store manager. And Walmart does not keep a list of what stores participate and which do not. Your best bet is to call ahead and speak to the manager at the location you are trying to crash at. 

There is even a humorous term used to describe camping at Walmart: Wallydocking! Jennifer and I love to boondock and have "Wallydocked" ourselves a few times. 

Camping in Walmart parking lots was started by the founder of Walmart, Sam Walton. He wanted to provide a safe space for RVers to park at night when traveling.