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Petty tyrants: Allegiant Air ejects passenger for wearing "Let's Go Brandon" face mask

•, Ramon Tomey

"Let's Go Brandon is not offensive or untoward. It's not pornography or a curse word. This is a simple, innocent, pretty much innocuous statement of political alliance. What they're telling us [is]: 'If you have a political statement that our establishment disagrees with, we'll kick you off the plane. We sold you a ticket, now we're going to take your money. We're going to kick you off the plane for having Let's Go Brandon on your mask,'" said Smith.

According to the New York Post, footage of the passenger being ejected was first posted by the Libs of TikTok account. The man argued with the flight attendant over the slogan on his mask, which had the anti-Biden message on it. "Today, you can't have 'Let's Go Brandon' on your mask or you will be removed," the video's caption said.

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