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The Sandy Hook School Shooting Did Not Happen. Period.

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The Sandy Hook School Shooting Did Not Happen. Period.
by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

I am a Boston-born dual citizen of US and Australia. Last night it was amazing to see, thanks to the miracle of YouTube, a huge, huge group of Aussies converging on Parliament House in Canberra. More than the number in Ottawa, I think. This surely is a turning point. No longer is everyone willing to just lie down and take it. "We've had it; we're sick of it."

I am sick of America's lies. Sick, sick, sick of the "normalcy" of double-speak. And I'm personally tired of being treated as if I'm some kind of eccentric, or even a troublemaker, for sticking up for truth. This was never an issue when I was a high schooler in the 1960s, or even for a couple of decades after that. Persons who zoomed in on truth were in fact admired and thanked -- they were helping to straighten things out.

In this article I'm straightening things out for the folks of Connecticut, by spewing out the truth about Sandy Hook (at least I am 99% sure it's the truth). Just listen to this bombshell from the late Robert Steele. It's in his online book, "Sandy Hook Truth: Memo to POTUS."

"I managed a false flag event for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in my capacity as a Clandestine Operations Officer stationed overseas. I have personal experience with 'legalized lying' whereby ostensible orders 'from the highest authorities' mandate lying to the Court and lying to the media and the public, in support of national security objectives. Individuals ordered to lie are offered both full immunity and severe penalties if they fail to lie as ordered."

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