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What We Can Learn from The Canadian Freedom Convoy

• by Bryan Lynch

Throughout our history, we have created a lot of problems for ourselves, but we have also solved a few. But one problem has plagued us since our earliest beginnings.

I like to think that this problem arose when a group of early humans gathered around a meal and somebody tried to take the last hunk of mammoth meat. A fight broke out between two members, and one of them grabbed a big stick. This person won the fight was ultimately put in charge of the group. Whoever held onto the biggest stick held power, and our never-ending problem of being divided began. 

The past two years have changed so much.

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the last two years have been rough. Arguably, a lot of things that have happened over these last two years aren't new.

Viruses have been around forever. People have always struggled with illness. Sometimes they get better. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not. We have seen supply chain issues before. Governments overstepping boundaries is nothing new, nor is a population of people becoming divided.

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