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NFL Choosing Snoop Dogg for Halftime Show Ignores Settlement with Underage Girls

• by David Codrea

His reaction was triggered by an ad for Corona beer "starring" the law-breaking rapper and juxtaposing that against the murder of two NYPD officers responding to a domestic violence call.

"And as I watched that Corona ad, I got to thinking about Snoop Dogg's violently anti-police, pro-crime vile and vulgar 'artistry,' mindful that Roger Goodell appointed and anointed Snoop Dogg the headliner at this year's Super Bowl halftime," Mushnick related.

AmmoLand covered the complete lineup when it was announced last October. In addition to Snoop, it includes Dr. Dre, accused by his estranged wife of  "holding a gun to her head, punching her in the face and grabbing her by the neck," and Eminem, who pled guilty on a weapons charge, whose ex-bodyguard claims engaged in an "armed standoff," and whose spousal abuse is recorded in word and deed.

That's enough to get most celebrities (deservedly) canceled, but some "cultures," at least as far as their preponderant ethics go, are more immune than others. The violent degradation of women and rap have always gone together like peas and carrots. For an explanation, think dollar signs. That's why Pepsi pays the big bucks for halftime show sponsorship rights.

So is it really a surprise that the "woke" anti-gun NFL would place such profits above principles?