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Are YOU at risk of dating a psychopath?


If you've ever been described as an 'empath', or you're a highly compassionate person who's invested in others, you might be the exact type of person a psychopath preys on, a new book has revealed. 

In a groundbreaking new self-help guide,  author Maddy Anholt describes how she has dated psychopaths and narcissists, and warns how to identify them, leave them, and avoid them. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, Maddy shared her 'pyschometer' scale and how to calculate where you - and your partner - sit.

The 10-point scale has 'super empaths' at one end, these are people who are 'compassionate souls' who 'cannot do enough for others' - but can be deemed 'pushovers'.

At the other end is psychopaths, who have no conscience, remorse or guilt and display little to no empathy.

In between are empaths, neutrals, and narcissists.  

'It's very important to know where you are on the Psychometer because if you are an empath, it is in your very nature to help others, and if a charming, hot man with an injury requires your aid, it's likely you'll be there before the judge has even picked up the gavel,' Maddy explains.

'Ideally, we'd all sit around 4–5 on the Psychometer. I don't want you thinking that 10 = all bad and 0 = all good. It's not  that clear cut. A dose of narcissism every now and again is healthy. It's also not so fantastic to be a high and mighty empath all the time, either'