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China Gives Oomph to Russia's 'Nyet' on NATO

• by Ray McGovern

Enter from left stage Chinese President Xi Jinping last year with the shot of adrenalin Putin needed to make "Nyet" stick.

Today's acrimony at the UN Security Council provides the latest sign of Russia's no-holds-barred chutzpah regarding the U.S. on Ukraine, with the words of Russian UN Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia. U.S. UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield had accused Russia of "actions [that] strike at the very heart of the UN Charter."

Nebenzia retorted that the U.S. is "whipping up tensions and provoking escalation." As for invading Ukraine, Nebenzia addressed the US ambassador with these words: "You are almost pulling for this … You want it to happen. You're waiting for it to happen, as if you want to make your words become a reality."

Burns and Lavrov

No one is better placed to discern the significance of this change of tone than ex-ambassador Burns, who is now-CIA Director.