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Russia May Have Shot Down US Cargo Plane

• by Martin Armst

It then violated the air space of Belarus, violated Russian Air Space, and "disappeared" from flight tracking as it entered Kazakhstan.  At this time we are not certain that the plane was shot down. Nevertheless, this warns of increasing tensions. Once more, Biden threatened sanctions but did not commit US troops to defend Ukraine or NATO troops.

Russia sent two nuclear-capable strategic bombers on a training mission over Belarus. But we have also been informed that it may have placed some on standby in Syria. Additionally, Putin realizes that the time has never been better to test the United States because of a totally incompetent president and the VP has zero international experience. Russia on Thursday raised the stakes dramatically due to the belligerent attitude of the West over Ukraine and refusing to listen to the demands of Russia., A top Russian diplomat has outright warned that Russia will not rule out a Russian military deployment to Cuba and Venezuela if tensions with the United States continue to escalate.