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How Big Tech elites are helping China achieve global supremacy

• By Peter Schweizer

 In his new book, "Red-Handed," Peter Schweizer — author of best-sellers such as "Clinton Cash" and "Profiles in Corruption" — outlines the ways top politicians and CEOS get rich off China. In this exclusive excerpt for The Post, he reveals how Big Tech companies have sacrificed privacy and national security in pursuit of Beijing riches.

Blinded by their ambition, Silicon Valley elites are helping Communist China achieve their ultimate goal: "Technology supremacy" over the West.

"Science and technology is a national weapon," President Xi Jinping has said. "We should seize the commanding heights of technological competition and future development."

To accomplish this goal, Beijing has created "civilian-military fusion," which means any technological advance in the civilian market must be applied directly to the military sphere. And they have effectively courted and seduced many powerful people in America's tech industry to willingly, and sometimes enthusiastically, play along.