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How Obama Gave Soon-to-be President Hillary the Gift of Controlling America Through--

• by Dave Hodges

If my hypothesis is correct, and Hillary ascends to the throne of political power as I have described and speculated in previous articles, she will undoubtedly use food as a weapon to control the 100 million estimated Trump supporters. However, the persecution will stop there, it will grow to include Christians and patriotic Americans. The number of targets that will need to be eliminated could grow as high as 200 million! Doesn't this match the Deagel Report?

The following is a description of how previous dictators have used food to control the population. And control the American population the Deep State must. Why? Because the people are waking up! They are not listening to the MSM anymore as their collective ratings are in the toilet. Biden is hated by mst of the country and Let's Go Brandon is becoming our unofficial national anthem. The vast majority of America is against the Biden administration and their policies. One must realize that the Left will never allow conservatives to regai control of the country through the 2022 midterm elections. All hell will breakout before that is allowed to happen. There are a number of targets, but two come to the head of the class. A grid down scenario would stop the conservative Americans in their tracks. Also, the so-called Red Wave could be stopped by attacking the food supply. This article will look at the fact that this is already happening.  

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