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Tell Your State Attorneys General Join this Suit in SCOTUS


It should have happened this week but their attention was up by a development on another front. what could possibly be more pressing that a Supreme Court case brought by states to challenge the legitimacy of the US President? The Biden Regime's vax-mandate for children, announced last Friday. Here, I agree with them: the health of children is just about the only thing I can think of more pressing than this question.

But now, it is time they turn their full attention to this:


Complaint Exhibits:

Help your state's Attorney General (and those of all states) by going to this site and using the convenient tool to let your officials know that you are petitioning them for redress of grievance. Politely but firmly.

Currently, you should know that behind the scenes the RNC (a.k.a. "Republican National Committee" a.k.a. "RINO Nesting Chamber" is ferociously lobbying the state AGs not to take this case. That's right, they raised over $300 million from you, the public, claiming they would use it to redress what happened in November, 2020. As a guy who has been on the front lines these last 12 months, I promise, they never made an appearance. I never saw them or received their help or saw them offer help, not even once. Not in Maricopa, not in Wisconsin, not in Georgia…. And now they are actively dissuading state Attorneys General from filing this case with SCOTUS. If you gave them a donation towards those ends, I would demand it back if I were you. You were fleeced.* Feel free to direct 1/5 as much money to the America Project, where it will do a hell of a lot more good (donation page provided for convenience).