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New NYC Mayor Eric Adams Wants the City to Have Its Own Cryptocurrency

•, by Edward Ongweso Jr

Former police officer, vegan, and mayor-elect of New York City Eric Adams has dreams of putting the Big Apple on the blockchain. 

In an interview with Bloomberg Radio on Wednesday, Adams bragged that he would finally transform the city into one hospitable to cryptocurrency.

"We need to look at what's preventing the growth of bitcoins and cryptocurrency in our city," Adams told Bloomberg on Wednesday. He pointed to Miami, which has recently attempted to attract the cryptocurrency industry to the city, teasing a "friendly competition" on the horizon. "He has a MiamiCoin that is doing very well—we're going to look in the direction to carry that out."

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez's attempt to make the city a blockchain paradise has, as documents obtained by Motherboard recently revealed, not gone incredibly well. The city has run into numerous legal and practical roadblocks to, for example, paying employees in cryptocurrency and accepting it for taxes.