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Reverse QE Begins: Treasury To Drain $480 Billion Starting Monday

• by Tyler Durden

 - and stealth - QE to the Fed's own $120BN/month liquidity injections.

That's precisely what happened, and since then, Treasury cash levels collapsed from an all time high of $1.8 trillion down to the previous target of $300 billion, and then continued dropping as the Treasury used up most of its cash to plug holes associated with the ongoing debt ceiling drama.

But that's now over, at least until December, and with Treasury cash dropping to a 4 year low of $59 billion on Wednesday, the Treasury is now set for a sharp liquidity drain as it seeks to build up some $480 billion in funding through the early December debt ceiling reprieve, which is how much time and capacity Janet Yellen bought herself with the stop-gap debt ceiling deal that passed just in the nick of time last week when Senator McConnell caved to the democrats.