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Nets star Kyrie Irving stands to lose $15.5 MILLION - or $381K for every home game he misses...


Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving stands to lose around $381,000 for every home game he misses this season due to New York's local COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

If Irving refuses to get vaccinated all season, he would forfeit around $15.5 million.  

The NBA and the players' union have agreed that players will lose 1/91.6th of their salary for every game missed without proper cause this season - a likely event due to local vaccine mandates in New York and San Francisco.  

Currently the NBA says more than 95 percent of league players are vaccinated, but Irving appears to be among several high-profile holdouts, including Washington Wizards All-Star Bradley Beal and Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac.  

Irving sidestepped questions about his vaccination status during a video press conference on media day. However, the 29-year-old was not present, which is likely a sign that he remains unvaccinated because the event took place in Brooklyn, where he would be required to show proof of his injection before entering the building.  

Irving would need proof of at least one vaccine shot in order to play in his own arena, Barclays Center, or practice at the team facility in Brooklyn. 

In San Francisco, players need to be fully vaccinated. However, once high-profile holdout Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors got his vaccine. 

The NBA announced last week that players who missed games due to local vaccine mandates in San Francisco and New York would forfeit salary. In total, Wiggins stood to lose $8.9 million, according to former Brooklyn Nets assistant general manager and ESPN salary cap expert Bobby Marks

Wiggins, who previously told reporters that his 'back [was] against the wall,' had applied for a religious exemption, but was denied. It's not known what the reasoning was for his religious exemption request and he refused to share that information with reporters last week. 

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