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Kyrie Irving becomes NBA's anti-vaccine face


The All-Star guard, who serves as vice president of the players union that blocked the NBA's effort to impose a vaccine mandate, has sparked backlash from health experts and basketball legends by refusing to get vaccinated.

It's a stance that could cost Irving games and money, since New York City requires proof of vaccination to attend large indoor events. That rule would include players performing before fans at Brooklyn's Barclays Center.

The NBA confirmed Wednesday that salaries will be withheld from players who do not play because their unvaccinated status does not allow them to do so given local ordinances. That could cost Irving half his $34 million salary for Brooklyn's home games alone.

It could also cost the Nets, Las Vegas's favorite to win the NBA title this year, a title.

Yet Irving, an NBA iconoclast know for irreverent views, has shown no real sign of backing down.

"Obviously I'm not able to be present there today," Irving told reporters on Zoom during the Nets's media day, which he was unable to attend due to the city's vaccine rules. "But that doesn't mean I'm putting any limits in the future on my being able to join the team."

In an interview with CNN this week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) confirmed that the Nets star won't get special treatment. 

"We have a rule that has to be applied, whether you're famous, whether you're not famous, you know, whether you're an everyday working man or woman — get vaccinated because that's what makes us all safe," he said. 

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