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Does America have a real flying saucer?


Lockheed Martin's notoriously-secretive Skunk Works boss won't comment on a video that shows an enormous, saucer-like object parked at a Lockheed testing facility. 

A video posted on Twitter showed the sleek and aerodynamic object being pulled on the back of a flatbed trailer in the Mohave Desert.

It was likely spotted in Lockhead's Helendale Radar Cross Section Facility, said Twitter user Ruben Hofs, who analyzed the video.

Social media users went wild trying to solve the mystery, but they weren't about to get any clues from Skunk Works general manager Jeff Babione, who was asked to comment on it during a recent Defense One interview.

'I can't,' speak about it, Baboine said with a smile.

He added that the facility's security protocols were 'in good shape.'

A video showing the apparent aircraft generated plenty of buzz on TikTok and Twitter, where it was posted September 22. 

'It's a demonstration model for the shape and/or possibly the skin material,' said one user. 'Probably not functional or even final design. The giant pedestal mount bottom center will be where it's secured so that it can be tested for stealth capabilities.

'Looks cool.'

Others wondered how someone managed to film the object in such a heavily-monitored military compound, and questioned the wisdom of sharing it with the world.

'Someone so grossly in violation of [operational security] needs to be sent to Florence, Colorado for an extended vacation,' tweeted Ben Sharp.

'We used to call this espionage, as in 20 to life.'

The poster might have been referring to a U.S. maximum state penitentiary near Florence, Colorado, which is classified as a super-maximum lockup.