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"Woke" Hollywood Will Torpedo Box Office Sales When Studios Can Least Afford It

• by Tyler Durden

Apparently, enough people are for there to have been an uprising about whether or not the next James Bond picture should feature a woman playing the role of 007.

With Daniel Craig set to bow out of the role after "No Time To Die", there have been calls for the next Bond to be female.

This, of course, is insane.

While it seems fine at first to diversify genders, the move would sour the entire intrinsic character scope of James Bond himself. There's a reason Bond was previously played by Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery. It wasn't just because they were men, it was because the character of James Bond was written to be a man: a British, chiseled-looking, handsome, expensive suit wearing, Rolex sporting, sportscar driving, martini guzzling man.

And these traits aren't just part of the character's appeal, they're often part of the character's flaws.

It would be like if the television show "Mad Men" featured women as the men: it just doesn't make sense amid the scope of the characters as they fit into the plot of the show. The show is about old school, womanizing, alcoholic male businessmen.

For fuck's sake, it's called "Mad Men".

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