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Grass Fed Beef vs Grain Fed Beef (What's the Difference) | The Bearded Butchers

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We're back! This time it's going to be grass fed beef vs grain fed beef! Scott's going to describe some differences between grass fed and grain fed, then we'll let you have a look for yourself. If you're one of those people that keeps asking where can i buy grass fed beef near me, this is the video that you need to watch. There's so much information! The Bearded Butchers will tell you all about the benefits of grass fed beef, why it's a great idea to buy local grass fed beef, and even a little about grass finished beef. Make sure you check out the grass fed vs grain fed primals laid out on the table at 15:10 and the grass fed cuts are compared to grain fed cuts at 27:29. The beef we used today is American Grassfed Association certified, so this is the real thing.

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