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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny reveals how to address Covid without relying on vaccines - Brighteon.TV

• Natural News - Ramon Tomey

Tenpenny also denounces COVID-19 vaccines as methods to destroy the God-given genetic makeup of human beings.

Scarlett begins his program by acknowledging the many things currently going on in the world. "There is a ton going on in the world. Everything is increasing in the spiritual and physical realm as we speak," he says. Some of these include the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, public and private entities mandating that people get injected with the vaccine and Americans standing up to these mandates.

He then mentions his interview with Tenpenny at BardsFest in St. Louis, Missouri in late August 2021. According to the pastor, Tenpenny is not the only doctor who has appeared in His Glory. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has been a guest in Scarlett's program, which the pastor describes as "very powerful." Scarlett says: "We need to get the truth [out] and it's doctors like them that will do it."