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How To Acquire The Immunity Children Have Against Covid-19

• by Bill Sardi

There are many perplexing questions that go unanswered since the COVID-19 pandemic was announced by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020.

One of them is why young children appear to be immune to COVID-19?  And if so, pray tell, why are vaccine makers and public health authorities making preparations to vaccinate the young?  And is there a safer non-experimental alternative to vaccination for children and adults since the new experimental RNA/DNA vaccines make guinea pigs out of our children?

Casting a blind eye to immunonutrition

Is it possible the increased use of natural remedies kept these children well?

Immunologists commonly say there is nothing that can be done to boost the immune system other than avoid poor nutrition.  This is despite the fact there are major nutrient deficiencies in vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, magnesium and vitamin B1 even in the well-fed American population that modern medicine overlooks.  Vaccines are posed as the only option against infectious disease.