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Candace Owens barred from COVID testing facility over political views --

• by JD Heyes

Left-wing Democrats who weren't about to get a COVID-19 vaccine as long as then-President Donald Trump was pushing them since they were developed under his watch, have since turned into COVID vaccine Nazis who literally want to deny Americans the right to live freely, earn a living or exist in society as equals if they don't get the jab.

These are some of the same monumental hypocrites who, by the way, insist it's a 'healthcare decision' and a 'woman's right to choose' — "my body, my choice!" — whether or not she wants to kill an unborn baby as some sort of wacky 'constitutional right' five politicized justices manufactured out of whole cloth in 1973.

Abortion, it's a woman's 'right to choose'; COVID vaccine, it should be a mandate because you have no right to make your own healthcare decisions or chose what goes into your body.

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