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RV Podcast Ep. 356: Mosquitos and Camping

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Our guest in the Interview of the Week for Episode 356 of the RV Podcast, is Dr. Janet McAllister, of the Centers for Disease Control. Since this has been such a horrific year for mosquitos, we thought it would be good to bring back an interview we did with her a while back that explains what we need to know about mosquitos.

And we also talk about the growing tick investigation now sweeping the country.

To watch the video version of the entire podcast, check below.

Mosquitos and Camping : Know Your Enemy

Dr. McAllister is the Centers for Disease Control's top expert on mosquitos, a medical entomologist who knows more about mosquitos than you'd think possible including mosquitos and camping.

We first interviewed her back in Episode 204 of the RV Podcast and she talks about everything from the right mosquito repellant to use, to when they are. most active,