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New generation of woke future doctors force professor to apologize for saying --

• by Patrick Hen

From the same people that tell everyone to "follow the science" when it comes to "climate change" and COVID-19, they are now trying to claim that men can get pregnant. And the wokesters are punishing people who reject biology and claim that in fact only biological women are able to get pregnant.

According to The Christian Posta California medical school student said that professors are being forced to bend down to woke ideology, fearing that students will report them through an "instant reporting" system if the teach the fact that sex is not a "social construct," but rather a biological reality.

Journalist Katie Herzog, who published a piece on Substack entitled "Med Schools are Now Denying Biological Sex," shared lectures recorded by what may be referred to as a whistleblower, a student at a medical school in the University of California system.