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"Germany Does Not Use Voting Machines, Like in the US"-

• By Jim Hoft

German officials defended the security of their elections at a meeting this week. Dr. Theil stressed the fact that Germany does not have voting machines like in the US and therefore their elections are more secure.

Even Europe knows the US elections are a fraud fest.

At a press conference on Wednesday flanked by the heads of Germany's election authority, domestic intelligence agency, the BfV, and cybersecurity agency, the BSI, Seehofer laid out the security threats to Germany's election and how the authorities are planning to fend them off…

…Thiel was also keen to underline the fact that Germany does not use voting machines, like in the US. "We don't have a situation with voting machines that we may know from the US. The actual voting procedure at the polling station is old school," said Thiel. "When I explained to a senior official from the Interior Ministry recently that it works with paper and pencil, he said, 'that reassures me'."