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Greenhouse Story, Part I

• Eric Peters Autos

If you have food, you don't need to get food – and one way to have it is to grow it. You then also have renewable food as well as independent food. If the Diaper Regime returns this fall – or sooner (it already has returned in states like CA) or the Needling Regime disallows the buying of food by those not "vaccinated," a frightening but very possible prospect – then you're not starving or submitting will depend greatly upon your ability to not be dependent upon centralized food distribution networks such as corporate-chain supermarkets.

An easier and more dependable way to grow food it is to grow it inside – in a greenhouse. This eliminates the problem of your food being eaten – by animals – outside. It also makes it much more feasible to grow food when it is cold outside.

This is why I've decided to build a small greenhouse, roughly 8×8 square and about 8 feet high at the peak; the pitch being decided upon because of the weather in my area – especially because of the good chance of heavy snow. The sides being glass, which hold heat well and don't yellow and stand up much better to wind. The roof panels being polycarbonate or similar, which let in sunlight but are sturdier than glass, in case it hails.

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