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BREAKING News Out Of Arizona- IT'S TIME TO MOVE!!!

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Hours after Biden announcing draconian and unconstitutional gun control measures we magically had 2 mass shootings take place.

That seems to happen quite often but this article isn't about these shootings.

This article is about the attack against the Second Amendment and one state that is taking action.


Arizona is a beautiful part of the country that is unfortunately getting hit hard by Biden's border policies.

They are being invaded by illegal aliens and the citizens need and are entitled to the ability to protect themselves and  Gov. Doug Ducey is taking action.

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Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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The question is, do/can the courts adjudicate the 1st and 4th Amendments into non-applicability? That is, if you are standing as a man/woman (not as a person or citizen), how long will the court rules stand if they act against or adjudicate against the 1st and 4th Articles of the Bill of Rights? (Remember, you have the 9th Article which almost applies to any right you want to take as your own) When you own them, guns are whatever you want to call them - hint: private property - not guns. Check into Private Membership Associations (PMA) to see why: 70+ SCOTUS decisions from the past, 1st and 4th Amendments, your declaration of PMA. --- --- --- --- Then load down with all kinds of BIG guns and ammo.