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Alice electric plane ditches a motor as it gears up for first flight

• by Nick Lavars

Israel's Eviation first introduced its Alice aircraft at the Paris Air Show in 2019, showing off a prototype plane designed from the ground up for electric flight. Like others in the electric aviation space, Eviation hopes to service shorter routes of 500 to 1,000 km (310 to 621 miles), using onboard batteries and advanced propulsion systems to cover these distances while generating no carbon emissions.From the first renders released back in 2019 to the most recent version we looked at in March this year, Alice's design featured a set of three 260-kW electric motors, one on the end of its tail and one on each of its wingtips. This formed part of a distinctive V-tail configuration, with the motor and props on the tail's end designed to accelerate air around the fuselage and turn the aircraft's entire body into an additional wing surface for bonus lift