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Hedge Fund CIO: We've Lost Faith In Media, Politicians And Scientists;

• by Eric Peters

"Drift. Apathy. Distrust," barked Biggie Too, feeling it, already in a groove.  "Frustration. Irritation. Uneasy anticipation," continued the chief global strategist for one of Wall Street's Too-Big-To-Fail affairs.

"Biggie got this deep dark feeling he's way too early," whispered Too, lips pursed, right at home in 3rd person. "We lost our faith in politicians and the media. Institutions. Now we're losing trust in science, our scientists, Biggie sees them cracks spreading," said Biggie, pointing to his bank of screens, Fauci getting Fox'd.

"And yet, through it all we still have absolute trust in the Fed," said Biggie, squinting. "Guess this thing goes and goes until our central bankers get humiliated too. When we discover inflation ain't transitory."


"Our current market prices reflect market and trading dynamics unrelated to our underlying business," wrote AMC's management to the SEC, seeking approval to issue more shares, of which he controls an unlimited supply. The meme stock had jumped nearly 100% in a single day, extending gains this year to +2,850%.  At nearly 8-times its pre-pandemic high, AMC's price has diverged far from reality if there is even such a thing.

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