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Epstein Prison Guards Admit Falsifying Logs, Get Plea Deal To Avoid Jail Time

•, by Tyler Durden

The two prison guards who allowed Jeffrey Epstein to die with nobody checking up on his safety (despite having been on suicide watch), are getting a slap on their wrists: 100 hours of community service and 6 months of pretrial supervision. This seems a very light penalty considering that they falsified documents attesting to their carrying out the duties that they neglected, and the profound consequences of their perjurious neglect of duty. Public confidence in the integrity of the Bureau of Prisons and the entire justice system has been tanked.

There is a faint ray of hope, however.

According to a letter submitted to court seeking approval of the arrangement, the two guards, Michael Thomas and Tova Noel, "will cooperate with a pending Department of Justice Office of Inspector General review by providing truthful information related to their employment by the Bureau of Prisons, including about the events and circumstances described in the Indictment."