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Swim in the East River! NYC approves site for futuristic floating pool...


New York City has approved the location of a new floating pool that will be constructed in the East River. 

The futuristic floating swimming pool will be situation slightly north of the Manhattan Bridge on the city's Lower East Side, it is understood. 

The project by start-up company + Pool describes its aim as 'reclaiming the river as a recreational resource for the city, while educating the public about issues affecting our water quality.'

The plan is called + Pool after its plus-sign shape that is meant to accommodate swimmers seeking all forms of the diversion.

One arm of the pool will be for kids, another for swimming laps, the third for water sports and the fourth for lounging.

The pool will be fed by river water that has undergone a cleaning process to be filtered from 'bacteria and contaminants' so that it is left with only 'clean, safe and swimmable river water'. 

On the project's website, it states: 'Manhattan is an island — literally surrounded by water — but we haven't been able to swim safely in the river for decades.