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Yikes – What happens when my RV runs out of fresh water?

•, Mike Wendland

Here's a question that came in from Wendy:

QUESTION: Newbie here: we are quite confused about where to get clean water to fill the fresh water tank when boondocking/dry camping. How do you do it?

ANSWER: One of the things we've done in the past is use 1-gallon water containers that we pick up at a supermarket.

Our RV has a short hose and a valve that will suck water out of the water jugs. It comes standard on our Leisure Travel Vans RV. But most RV shops can easily set up with a similar system.

If not, we've heard of people who take an empty soda bottle, cut a rectangular hole in it and use it as a sort of funnel to pour in the water from the gallon jug to the freshwater fill on the RV.

A better solution for most RVers is to use something called a Water Bandit. It has a ¾ in threaded connector on one end that should connect to your city water connection. The other end is a highly flexible silicone polymer sleeve that stretches to fit over the end of virtually any standard water source… like a gallon water jug… making it really easy to pour in the tank. It costs around $8. Here's our Amazon affiliate link – (thanks for your support).