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Peak Liquidity

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Authored by Sven Henrich via,

The amount of liquidity pumped into the markets and the economy in the last year dwarfs anything we've seen in history. Markets certainly have reacted to it with exuberance and the bounce currently seen in the economy is highly encouraging. Enjoy it while it lasts for markets and the economy will soon have to contend with a new concept and that is: Relative tightening. No, not in the form of Fed tapering or rate increases. Those won't happen no matter what the data says, central banks have already made that clear. To even discuss it would cause havoc in financial markets.

No, relative tightening is going to occur no matter what happens as the amount of liquidity having been injected won't be repeated. The fiscal and political appetites won't permit it. And while we may still see an infrastructure bill in some form this year everything that happens will be incrementally less.