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Ohio businessman plans to go 35,000 feet underwater on historic dive to ocean's deepest point

•, Wayne Baker

Connor said he plans to explore both the Challenger Deep and the Sirena Deep in the Mariana Trench, located in the Pacific Ocean near Guam, he told the Cincinnati Enquirer, part of the USA TODAY Network.

The "hadal zone," or the area of the ocean below 20,000 feet, is considered the last frontier of exploration on Earth. "Hadal exploration" is exploration at depths beneath 20,000 feet, or 6,000 meters. 

The focus is groundbreaking scientific research that will take Connor – with the help of companies EYOS Expeditions and Caladan Oceanic – to depths of 35,856 feet and 35,150 feet respectively, using the Hadal Exploration System, the world's only deep exploration facility.

The two dives are tentatively scheduled for April 15 and April 17, but they are weather-condition dependent. So, they could dive earlier or later, Connor said.