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Netflix Lost 31% of Market Share in the Last Year as Streaming Rivals Gained Ground | Charts

•, Sean Burch

After a year in which streaming became even more important to millions of Americans, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Netflix still dominates the streaming universe in the U.S. But new data shared by Ampere Analysis with TheWrap shows that while Netflix holds 20% of the U.S. streaming market, its dominance over the rest of the streaming landscape has shrunk from 29% — a drop of nearly one third– as more services enter the market. Here's a snapshot of the top streaming services in the U.S. and how their market share stacks up compared to the same time last year: Also Read: Inside Hollywood's Rush to Cash in on NFTs A few points worth mentioning: • Netflix's U.S. market share has taken a hit in the last year — even as it added a company-record 36.58 million new accounts globally in 2020. Netflix's U.S. market share has been sliced from 29% to 20% since the start of 2020; that's a 31% drop in the last year. • In January, Netflix reported that it had 73.94 million subscribers in both the U.S. and Canada (Netflix always reports the two markets together); an estimated 7 million of those subscribers come from north of...

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