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To Stop the Left, America Needs a Rothbardian Right

• by Tho Bishop

Fitting for the single largest annual event for America's conservative movement, CPAC was hosted at a corporate hotel that strictly enforced a Democrat-controlled local government's mask mandates and featured a controversial stage constructed by a major Democrat donor.

All of this gave the familiar look of American conservatives standing athwart history yelling stop while handing operational power over to the Left.

Still, more interesting than the official events offered by the American Conservative Union is the larger conversation about the future of the American right. Now that 50+ million Americans have lost faith in the operation of American democracy, with many considering the value of secession, what is the best path forward at a time where a political realignment seems possible?

The political figurehead of the American right is still represented by Donald Trump, as demonstrated by CPAC's annual straw poll results and the way his presence in Orlando attracted supporters from around the country to rally outside the hotel.