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Watch: CNN's Jim Acosta Flabbergasted After Journo Confronts Over Cuomo Media Blackout

•, by Tyler Durden

CNN's Jim Acosta was visibly flummoxed outside of CPAC in Orlando on Friday, after a crowd began chanting "CNN Sucks!" while he was trying to interview people - followed by an unexpected line of questioning from The Federalist's David Marcus - who demanded to know why CNN isn't covering two major scandals involving New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

"When are you guys gonna start covering [Governor Andrew] Cuomo?" asks Marcus.

Acosta, visibly perturbed by the interruption, started to claim "We do, we do cover that."

Marcus pressed on - at one point parrying an attempt to 'box him out' - telling Acosta: "No, you don't. He killed 10,000 people and he's being accused of sexual assault, and you guys want to talk about Ted Cruz."

To which Acosta shot back: "Let me just finish this interview and then I'll talk to you, OK?"

Marcus then demanded that Acosta opine on Cuomo's scandals.

"I'm here to do a job right now; I'm not here to talk to you," the CNN journo shot back.


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