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Rabobank: We Officially Have Central Planning With No Plan

• by Michael Every of Rabo

Sorry Aussies: you are on the front line against yet another economic behemoth of the early 21st century, and once again there is a very short queue of countries behind you offering public support. A new law about to be introduced Down Under means social media giants either pay up for the news they carry to compensate for ad revenue lost to the actual media ("What, us pay for content?!")…or they don't carry news at all. Google struck a deal, and Facebook struck Australia off. Australians --and then who next?-- will have to go back to using Facebook for pretending that their lives are infinitely better than they really are, and for sharing the really important stuff like selfies, and pictures of cakes, and silly cats. Of course, given a video of a US lawyer who looked like a cat was one of the only unifying things to have happened on social media in a long time, perhaps this might be depolarizing - unless there are people out there with really strong views on frosting vs. no frosting, etc.