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Double-Diapered Meltdown, Almost

• Eric Peters Autos

This afflicted a reporter from CNN to such a degree that she double-diapered while moaning about the mass refusal to participate in mass insanity. "Fears Grow of a Superspreader Event," the cutline read.

Well, too bad about your fears, Freak.

We're going to live.

This is how we restore normalcy. By making it effectively impossible for these sickness psychotics to impose their psychosis. It is very hard to forcibly Diaper thousands or even hundreds of people – or even 100 of them.

Twenty might be sufficient.

A group that large goes into a store – or goes for a walk. It is hard to for a store to deal with that many, as it could get ugly – for the store. Also for the armed government workers the stores sic on the Unholy. Six of them vs. 20 of us is dicier than six of them on one of us.

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