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Peruvian court accuses Bill Gates, Soros and Rockefeller of creating COVID-19

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Court in Peru: COVID-19 invention of a "global criminal elite

A court in the South American state of Peru is currently raising eyebrows with a bold ruling. It states that the COVID-19 virus is an invention of a "global criminal elite" made up of billionaires such as George Soros, the Rockefeller family, and Microsoft entrepreneur and co-founder Bill Gates, among others.

Pandemic "unpredictable except to its creators"

As the Criminal Appeals Chamber of the Chincha Archipelago and the City of Pisco announced in a sentencing memorandum, the pandemic was "unpredictable" except for its creators, "who managed and continue to manage it with extreme secrecy within their environment and global corporations."

The background to this stunning pronouncement of judgment was an apology by the relevant judges for the delay in dealing with the appeal of a defendant who sought to have his (provisional) pre-trial detention lifted, but whose application was delayed by the Corona pandemic.

In the conclusion, the three judges wrote:

"No world government, natural or legal person, nor the defense of the defendants can claim that this pandemic has the quality of 'foreseeable' except the creators of the New World Order such as Bill Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, etc."

Case filed against courageous judges

The statements of the three judges achieved due attention even beyond the borders of the country. Immediately, accusations were raised that the officials were serving and spreading conspiracy theories surrounding the Corona pandemic with their pronouncement of judgment.

The decentralized Office for the Control of the Magistracy (Odecma) of Ica therefore already opened a preliminary investigation against the judges who signed the decision. The objective of the investigation is to gather evidence that will help identify alleged irregularities committed by the judges.