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Biden Is Not Yet Inaugurated and the Establishment Is Already Fomenting Civil War

• https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

Trump's election surprised the Establishment.  The Establishment thought that Establishment control over the media guaranteed their power and was astonished to realize that enough American voters saw through their lies and propaganda to elect a non-establishment figure.

The world does not understand that the American Establishment has a propaganda organization that shames the one assembled by Joseph Goebbels. The American media, never very independent, lost all semblance to independence during the Clinton regime when 90% of the US media was concentrated into six hands and converted into a completely obedient tool of the Establishment.  Anyone who doubts this should explain why on every issue the presstitutes speak with one voice, which is never the voice of the people.

It is extraordinary that anyone could have fallen for the Establishment's line that Trump conspired with Putin to steal the election from Hillary, but so many did.  The Establishment could not permit the realization that the American Establishment had been rejected by the American people in the 2016 election.  Using the CIA and FBI the Establishment went to work on Trump.  His entire four years was used in fighting orchestrated Russiagate investigations and an orchestrated impeachment.  Most people in the world know nothing more about these four years than American presstitute headlines told them.

In the Soviet Union, Stalin's police state control enabled him to frame Bolshevik leader Nikolai Bukharin as a capitalist spy. In the American democracy, the Establishment has been able in plain view to steal Trump's reelection and is now framing him as an insurrectionist.  The power of this establishment is so great that Republicans have wilted and are kneeling to the Establishment in order to protect themselves. Trump's appointees are resigning and running for their lives and reputations.