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George Soros' Links to Gavin Newsom and California Corruption


The governor then took out a loan on the property for $2.7 million and retained the title. Youtube commentator John Williams said that about nine months later, Newsom brought George Gascon, the district attorney from San Francisco, down to Los Angeles, and George Soros contributed $2.5-million to Gascon's campaign, which played a pivotal role in his election as DA for Los Angeles County. Within 24 hours of taking office, Gascon made sweeping changes to LA County: no cash bail has been implemented against voter wishes, the death penalty is gone, and prostitution, drug possession and trespassing will not be prosecuted. Gavin Newsom is a gatekeeper for mass immigration regarding the California-Mexico border.
John William makes the case that George Soros is pulling the strings behind Gavin Newsom and says the ultimate goal is to destroy the ability of individuals to provide for themselves and to make them dependent on the state. Lockdowns are being used as a a tool to destroy independent businesses. Keeping children out of school serves to keep parents at home, thus, harming the economy even further. Landlords are poised to lose their properties due to strict regulations, and eventually the government will take over the distressed properties. A new law was passed, Senate Bill 1079, that prevents corporations from buying foreclosed homes and allows only tenants, non-profits and the State of California to buy the property -GEG