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How to Reconcile Objecting to Mask Wearing in a Store While Recognizing the Property Rights...


A few of the commenters made important comments in response:

The NAPster notes:

[C]ontrary to popular belief, libertarians are also regular members of society, so we can criticize decisions made by private businesses.

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with us vociferously objecting to a company policy. Large corporations even have customer complaint departments to handle complaints. There is nothing wrong about complaining about a policy. 

The Contractor adds:

It would be a fun survey to conduct, asking businesses whether they would require, recommend, or ignore health mandates for covid if no state bullies were fining and harassing them.

There is no such thing right now as a business making a private property decision. If they don't require covid compliance, they get threatened with fines and loss of license. I am going through this right now with my daughter's private, for-profit kindergarten.