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Joe Biden's younger brother James is investigated by Feds over his role in Pennsylvania hospital

• by Nikki Schwab

James Biden, the older of Joe Biden's two younger brothers is caught up in an FBI probe into a bankrupt hospital chain

 FBI has asked about his role in Americore, which ran rural hospitals but whose CEO is accused of siphoning off cash for personal gain

James Biden was involved in it since 2017 and been named as its 'principal' although he has disputed that and others said he was an investor

 Revelation came after Hunter Biden put out a statement Wednesday saying his taxes are being investigated by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Delaware   

Probe is into his lucrative Chinese business dealings and was prompted by Treasury 'suspicious activity reports' which flag possible money laundering

Hunter probe was put on hold before election under principle called 'rule of forbearance' not to actively investigate candidates or those close to them

Republican senator Tom Cotton called revelation of investigation 'family corruption' and demands a special counsel investigation