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Scout ebike camper trailer inspires two-wheeled micro adventures

• by CC Weiss

With electric bikes continuing to grow in power and popularity, certain bikepacking trips are starting to resemble RV camping a little more, backpacking a little less. The all-new Scout camper presents another way of hitching together an ebike camping rig, towing as an unassuming box trailer before flipping open into a solo camper that's good for a sheltered night of sleep and comfortable indoor/outdoor basecamp in which to relax away the morning, afternoon and evening.

The Scout joins a tiny but eclectic bike camper space comprising the likes of inflatable trailers, transforming teardrops, and even amphibious e-trike micro-motorhomes. The Scout itself is just the boxy camper module without the trailer, and CreaCon offers its Tough trailer for the task of carrying the Scout from home to campsite and back again. The split camper/trailer design becomes an advantage when you find yourself needing a bicycle trailer for things other than camping – the lightweight Scout removes to leave the Tough trailer free for tasks like hauling work tools or groceries.

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