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AstraZeneca Under Scrutiny Again as Countries Spend Billions Purchasing Its Low-Cost Vaccine

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AstraZeneca's COVID vaccine faced new controversy this week after a trial participant in India alleged that the vaccine caused him serious "neurological and psychological" symptoms.

The accusation was the latest in a series of complaints or concerns surrounding Covishield, the AstraZeneca vaccine being developed in partnership with Oxford University.

Yet despite concerns about safety and trial design, countries are already spending billions of dollars in taxpayer funds to purchase AstraZeneca's vaccine, in part because, compared with frontrunners Moderna and Pfizer, AstraZeneca's vaccine is easier to store and faster to distribute.

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Comment by Andy Lamdin
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Absent Astrazeneca being held liable, I 'll have to inform the individual who tries to force a vaccine on me and his/her supervisor that told/conspired with them. I'll need both of them to sign off on my liability notice for them to proceed. It seems to me since neither the person administering the vaccine nor their supervisor will have twenty million dollars in assets to pay in case of damage to me from them administering the vaccine, that they should buy liability insurance. My guess is that no organization would insure either the administer or the supervisor. I don't want the vaccine and my aim is to put the front-line workers in the HOT seat. Think of the end of Alice's Restaurant. If one person a day did the above at each place administering vaccines, they might think it weird... Image if two people a day did that at each facility, they might think it very strange... Imagine, I say, imagine if FIFTY people a day did it at each facility, they might think it's a movement!