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Diaper Report: 12/2/20

•, By eric

This ex-friend says I should don the Holy Rag because "I might be asymptomatic" and because I ought to "show a little respect for your fellow man" and that "It's not all about you." He added: "Grow your own food and you don't need to interact with people. But if you want the benefits of society you have to participate and conform a bit."

Italics added.

So I said good-bye.

I "have to conform a bit"? I am obliged to literally show that I (supposedly) agree with the outrageous assertion that I might be sick – i.e., "asymptomatic" – and so present an ongoing, never-ending threat to other people that requires me to wear a Face Diaper – the religious vestment of the Sickness Cult – to assuage their fears?

I attempted to reason with this friend. It was like attempting to discuss Euclid with a rooster.

"I'm not sick," I texted him.

"I've had two friends die from it," he texted back. "And several still sick."

Me: "Well, I'm not sick. Therefore, I cannot transmit sickness. Therefore, wearing a rag over my face serves no medical purpose."

Him: "You might be asymptomatic."

Me: "Okay, so you are saying that the possibility I might be sick – even though I'm not coughing or sneezing or manifesting any symptoms of sickness and so there is no evidentiary/specific reason to suppose I am in fact sick, much less contagious – obligates me to act as if I am in fact sick and contagious and to literally put on something as a 'protective' measure, just in case and to ease your fears?"