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Vermont Governor Instructs Schools to Interrogate Students about Family Thanksgiving Gatherings

•, The Federalist

According to Scott, students or parents who admit to violating the state's holiday travel and gathering rules will be forced to participate in online school for two weeks, he announced via Twitter on Tuesday. The penalty will be reduced to one week if the students in question take a COVID-19 test.

The same quarantine method, Scott claimed, should apply to businesses whose employees decide to celebrate the Thanksgiving holidays with friends and family.

"This isn't a way around the ban or an excuse to get together," he wrote. "The more we adhere to this policy, the faster we'll lower case counts & ease up on restrictions."

Scott also announced that COVID-19 the cancellation of school sports until further notice, pinning the responsibility of mitigating coronavirus spread on parents of school-age children.

"I hope adults realize the need to sacrifice to give our kids these experiences and keep them in school as much as possible," he wrote.