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"Stand Down Officers!": Angry Crowd Heckles Cops After Toronto BBQ-Owner Arrested...

•, Tyler Durden

"A 33-year-old man was arrested for Attempting to Obstruct Police," reads an update issued by TPS Operatins shortly after 1 p.m. on Thursday.

"He has been taken into custody. More details will follow. Officers remain in the area. We continue to ask for calm."

It is unclear if any other new charges have been laid against Kelly today (in addition to nine announced yesterday against he and his incorporated restaurant chain), but the anti-maskers who've been supporting him are straight up freaking out right now.

Livestreamed video posts from the scene of Skelly's restaurant at Queen Elizabeth and Royal York Roads show police, some of them on horseback, surrounding the building in a united front.

Hundreds of histrionic protesters have positioned themselves in front of the cops and are screaming things like "FREEDOM!," "SHAME!" and "STAND DOWN OFFICERS! STAND DOWN!"

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Comment by Ed Price
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Too bad people don't know how to use The Federal District Court, the court that is really made for them to use. Here's a video with some pointers, even though JC doesn't explain it all the way. But he shows the basics of what THOSE 3 GUYS did to adjudicate their case themselves, even though he doesn't show why it worked. Federal Courts part of CORPUS JURIS SECUNDUM, section 744. Why don't they explain it in detail? Because an enemy might be able to use it to destroy much of government or anything else in law, legally, since nobody else seems to know how to use it right to counter them. Check out, especially the end, where the answer exists without the reasons why.

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