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'With the stain of dishonesty, liberals will lose everything.


At . . . , Robert Oscar Lopez, an academic of Puerto Rican descent who's also "the descendant of African slaves," B.A. Yale, M.A. University of Buffalo, Ph.D SUNY Buffalo, writes:

"The election of 2020 is different. Having been through a year of COVID and urban unrest, issues that would normally remain distantly political felt extremely personal to Americans. Both issues developed a partisan taste, because the left weaponized COVID against the right and the right weaponized urban unrest against the left. Both issues produced an obvious disconnect between what people experienced in their daily lives and what liberal-dominated commentators were saying in the media.

"Carrying a newfound personal urgency with them to the polls, many people went to great lengths to cast their ballots. Their voting felt intimate and important. And then the election became a disaster that dragged on for weeks. Prior to the election, the left told us there would be no problem with mail ballots.